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I started playing drums when I was 15. I guess my love for percussive sounds came from two main sources: one is that my father used to be from the Military Police from Chile, and we used to live next to their school, so I was always hearing their parades and I was playing with them with my pans and spoons. The other reason is that my grandparents from my father side were popular musicians at their young age. Even though I never saw them playing, I believe that I've got some of their rhythm.

At the age of 18 I moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil to study at the Souza Lima/Berklee conservatory. Brazil with its culture and rhythms like Samba, Bossa, Partido Alto, Baiao, Maracatú, Frevo and Jazz just transformed me and transformed my way of perceiving music. In the year 2007, I played in Vai Vai Samba School, the most traditional samba school in the state of Sao Paulo and we were selected 3rd in the Sao Paulo Carnaval. I was also second in a drum competition from the magazine "Batera Total", with drummers from all over Brazil.

In the year 2009, at the age of 22 I moved to Rotterdam (The Netherlands) to continue with my studies, and once I was finished I stayed here, since I fell in-love with the country, the culture and I found the love of my life. I’m very happy that I have the oportunity to play abroad very regularily.  

Currently I'm working with the following bands:

- Quantum Trio -  Website / Facebook / Instagram

- Tentempiés - Website / Facebook / Instagram

- Ofelia - Facebook  / Instagram 

- Music Through The Walls - Facebook / Instagram 

- Sambayá - Facebook    

- Andre Ochodlo - Website      

- Threeism - Facebook    

- Ermis Michail Quintet - Instagram

- Junhyung An Quintet - Website     


Fun fact: In the year 2015, the album with my band Quantum Trio was selected the Best Debut Album by Polish Jazz Portal.

Special mention: I'm really happy to be supported by Remo Drumheads.


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Recorded albums

Alex Rossi            (Alex Rossi Plays Jobim)  Released in 2013

Quantum Trio          (Gravity)                 Released in 2015

Threeism              (Threeism)                Released in 2015

Jun Hyun An Quintet   (Dreams & Phantasms)      Released in 2016

Ermis Michail Quintet (Minor Change)            Released in 2016

Los Paja Brava        (Mighty mighty freak'n della distrópica)           Released in 2017

Andre Ochodlo         (Yiddishland)             Released in 2017

Tentempiés            (A mi propio paso)        Released in 2017

Quantum Trio          (Particules)              Released in 2017

Quantum Trio          (Waves)                   Released in 2017

Andre Ochodlo         (Polin)                   Released in 2017

Andre Ochodlo (Shalom: Live at Atelier) Released in 2018

Quantum Trio (Quality Studio Live) Released in 2019

Quantum Trio (Red Fog) Released in 2019

Wishlake To be released in 2019

Andre Ochodlo         (Layla)                   To be released in 2019

Ofelia                                          To be released in 2019

Sambaya               (O norte do norte)        To be released in 2019

Dichter                                         To be released in 2019

To be recorded:

Juliana Martina                                 Second half 2019

Quantum Trio live album                         Second half 2019




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